Divination and Fortune-Telling

Divination and Fortune-Telling
This list defines 163 terms for kinds of divination and fortune telling, ranging from very common (runes, tarot cards, or horoscopes) to extraordinarily rare. In fact, you won't believe the range of methods that people have developed to rip other people off by claiming they can predict the future. The vast majority of these words end in 'mancy', from the Greek word for divination, manteia. This list thus does not include general terms such as 'astrology' and 'numerology', which are etymologically sciences rather than fortune-telling techniques. Feel free to send me any new 'mancies' you may have encountered. Finally, allow me to propose a neologism: novocentomancy, the art of divination by calling '1-900' numbers for TV psychics.

Phrontistery dictionary. 2013.

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