fear of dogs

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  • Cynophobia — (pronounced /ˌsaɪnəˈfoʊbiə/, US dict: sī′·nə·fō′·bē·ə, from the Greek: κύων kýōn dog and φόβος phóbos fear ) is the abnormal fear of dogs. Cynophobia is classified as a specific phobia, under the subtype animal phobias .[1] According to …   Wikipedia

  • Cynophobia — An abnormal and persistent fear of dogs. Sufferers from cynophobia experience anxiety even though they realize that most dogs pose no threat. To avoid dogs, they may barricade yards or refuse to travel except in an enclosed vehicle. Cynophobia is …   Medical dictionary

  • cynophobia — noun An irrational fear or hatred of dogs or other canines. This finding has significant implications for the study of cynophobia, since one would expect from the classical conditioning model of fear that a dog bite should have a lasting negative …   Wiktionary

  • cynophobia — n. horrible fear of dogs; fear of rabies …   English contemporary dictionary

  • cynophobia — A fear of dogs …   Grandiloquent dictionary

  • cynophobia —   n. morbid fear of dogs …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • Cynophobia —    An intense fear of dogs. See Ailurophobia …   The writer's dictionary of science fiction, fantasy, horror and mythology

  • cynophobia — noun a morbid fear of dogs • Hypernyms: ↑zoophobia …   Useful english dictionary

  • Fear of dogs — Cynophobia is the clinical name for an abnormal fear of dogs, i.e. , a specific phobia related to dogs. The dog is a domesticated superpredator; this in combination with increasing media coverage of dog attacks could be contributing factors for… …   Wikipedia

  • James Joyce — This article is about the 20th century writer. For other people with the same name, see James Joyce (disambiguation) …   Wikipedia

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